Dr Dread Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Are you curious about what type of hair extensions to choose, and where the hair comes from?

Hair extensions can be created from synthetic fibres or 100% human hair - Russian, European, Indian or Asian hair. There are various bonding methods available including Micro Beads, Shrinkies, Tape and Fusion Extensions.

You may come across the term remi hair – this means that the hair still has its cuticle, which is the outside protective layer and has good elasticity, which is able to hold a style well, such as curling the hair via various methods and most remi hair can be coloured.

Hair extensions are available in just about any colour, texture or length. The average lifespan of the hair extensions is up to 3 months depending on the method and hair care.

Some of the advantages you can enjoy:

Hair extensions can prove to be instant gratification of a new longer hair look.

Hair Extension Care Information

Email: info@drdread.com.au for more information on hair extensions

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Dr Dread

Dr Dread Hair Extentions

Dr Dread Hair Extentions

Dr Dread Hair Extentions