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The natural dreadlocks method is the oldest and most natural method used for creating dreadlocks in which they are shaped into the desired dreadlock and then form over time. Maintenance is required once per week.

Formed dreadlocks are created with added help of solution to assist in the formation of the dreadlock. The result is an instant head of dreadlocks. Maintenance is required once per week.

Instant dreadlock extentions are created with synthetic or human hair added into the natural hair, with the dreadlocks formed to the desired thickness and length. Maintenance is required once per week and follow up visits may be required every 4-6 months.

Dreadlock Care and Information

Dreadlock Shampoo & Shampoo Bars
Specially formulated dreadlock shampoos and shampoo bars are beneficial to the health of the hair. Dreadlocks just like cornrows, braids and any other hairstyle need to be washed regularly to keep them clean, generally once per week. Natural dreadlock shampoos and natural dreadlock shampoo bars are available. Both have the ability to cleanse the hair without using harsh cleansers or foaming agents. These natural shampoos truly are ideal for keeping dreadlocks and scalps very clean, without irritating sensitive scalps or hindering the locking process because of the lack of chemical additives, softeners and conditioners contained in them. They also do not contain sulphates or silicones as these can coat the cuticle of the hair hindering the locking process. Dr Dread recommends The Dreaded Wash bars as they are organic, unperfumed, pH balanced, and contain neem a natural healer, jojoba oil and vitamin E and do not contain sulphates or silicones.

The Dreaded Wash bars are available @ Happy High Herbs stores in

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Dreadlock Wax
A strong hold dreadlock wax is recommended for dreadlocks. Wax holds the hair and facilitates the locking process. Stay away from petroleum based products though as they generally do more harm than good by not allowing the dreadlocks to form properly because of the oils in the products. Most products that call themselves ‘beeswax’, some even boasting ‘100% beeswax’ in their title can be up to 90% petroleum or petrolatum based.

Wax is a great natural conditioner for dreadlocks and tames loose hairs. The wax is removed gradually with hot water while washing/wetting the hair so a build up does not occur. Over waxing can be remedied by melting the wax over the dread with a hairdryer and distributing it more evenly.

The Dreaded Wax by Dr Dread is recommended as it contains all natural ingredients. Australian organic beeswax, Organic cocos nucifera oil, neem seed oil for healing properties and does not contain and petroleum or harmful ingredients.
The Dreaded Wax is available @ Happy High Herbs stores in

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And also available via the Dr Dread shopping cart. Click Here to go to the Dr Dread Store.


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