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Dr Dread's Dreadlocker 250ml
$18.95 (+P
The Dreadlocker is an organic healing mist, perfect for all types of dreadlocks. The Dreadlocker soothes itchy irritated scalps, aids the locking process, defrizzes and strengthens dreadlocks
The Dreaded Wash
$14.95 (+P&H)
Dr Dread's Body Healer
$8.95 (+P&H)

The Dreaded Wash Bar Dr Dread Body Healer Bar
The Dreaded Wash bar is ideal for all types of dreadlocks. It cleans, prepares and maintains the hair and scalp for dreadlocks. Dread’s Body Healer bar is the ultimate soap free wash bar for all! From babies to more mature skin, the body healer is leaving behind a trail of very happy customers

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