About Us

Dr Dread’s exclusive team is made up of experienced dreadlock creators from around the globe. They are also known as ‘locticians’ as they create formed dreadlocks instantly. Dr Dread’s professional team’s combined experience spans more than 40 years.

Tami Perrin

Managing Director

Gold Coast, Australia

27 years experience

Qualified Loctician

Qualified Advanced Hairdresser

Hairdressing Teacher

Professional Make Up Artist

Dreadlocks are a very big part of my life. Some people are born to do what they do, that’s me. My name is Tami - (a dreadlock hat is called a Tam) - Tami also means - Palm Tree - (organic coconut oil comes from palm trees) and I make the healing products. I believe I am the lucky one - I am so passionate about my work and business; creating and making products, teaching and educating. Many years experience brings with it an understanding of not only peoples dreadlocks but the journey dreadlocks take them on.

Emma Thorne

Assistant Manager

Lankershire, England

5 years experience

Qualified Loctician

I have had my dreadlocks for 15 years and they are a huge part of me, it would be like loosing a leg if I was to cut them. I am self-respecting of my work and love seeing the transformation that happens with every set of dreadlocks.

Jason Hearn

Assistant Manager

Gold Coast, Australia

1 year experience

Jason say’s: These products sell themselves, they really work. I love talking to people and knowing that these products really do make a difference in peoples lives.



Somewhere, Italy

6 years experience

Qualified loctician

Dreadlocks have been a big part of my life internationally, I have travelled working on dreadlocks in the past and now belong to this great team of locticians here in Australia. Im very friendly and feel blessed because I love my work.

Izzy Crockford


Gold Coast, Australia

2 years experience

Part-time Assistant

This industry definitely draws me in. I love the experience I get working with the team. I like to express myself with my work and learn new things all the time. We use our own clients and staff for photoshoots, they are so much fun. Im glad to be part of the Dr Dread team.

Gareth Wilson

Foreign Correspondent

Auckland, New Zealand

1 year experience

World Foreign Correspondent

I travel the world and get to meet many people of different cultures and see many dreadlocks. I’ve had dreadlocks myself for many years now and couldn’t see me without them. I promote Dr Dread’s range because its organic; I use it and I know it works.

Hilary Larsen

Graphic Designer


Brisbane, Australia

25 years experience

Part time Graphic Designer

I love working with this brand. I get to let my creative energies flow. It is a very professional business so branding is very important to the team.
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