Dreadlocks have history. Dreadlocks have beliefs attached to them. Dreadlocks can be a very spiritual journey for some. Whatever reasons you have your dreadlocks, we are hear to help you and keep them looking great.

Dreadlocks are created using many different techniques by people all over the world. Over time these techniques have changed and adapted. The people who make dreadlocks by hand, using a tool are called locticians.

The hair is either twisted and pulled by hand or back combed and a fine hook is inserted into the dread, making the centre solid and drawing the outer hairs in to form the dreadlock. This is a natural technique, no chemicals are used and the tool does not damage the hair or the dreadlock when used correctly. This is skilled work. Professional education is advised to acquire the skills to maintain your own or other peoples dreadlocks.

Dreadlock Costs

$70 per hour per loctician

How much will my dreadlocks cost?

Average Prices

Short Hair


Medium Hair $600-$720

Long Hair $720-$840

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Dreadlock Maintenance & Restoration

Sometimes dreadlocks need a little bit of work or a lot of work. Whatever the case is for you, the team here at Dr Dread can maintain and fix your dreads with professional dreadlock service and advice.

Loose hairs, regrowth, dread bumps, dread lumps, broken dreadlocks, dreads growing together and scalp issues are just a few of the areas our services cover. We create our own exclusive line of organic dreadlock products to keep your dreadlocks in optimum condition.

Dreadlock Maintenance Costs

$70 per hour per loctician

How much will my dreadlock maintenance cost?

average cost $140 - $210

How often should I have my dreadlocks maintained?

Depends on many factors including hair type, work environment, how often they are washed, how tidy one wants their dreadlocks to be and also if any home maintenance is done.

Average dreadlock maintenance - every 3 months

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Wedding Hair & MakeUp

$160 per person   (Hairstyling or Make up separately $90 each)

Professional hairstyling and wedding make up by a qualified artist with over 18 years experience

No travel charges within Gold Coast & Brisbane areas


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Ionic Straightening

Frizzy, curly and wavy hair can be a thing of the past – Ionic Straightening can transform your hair into straight luscious locks in just a few short hours.

Positively charged cationic polymers and proteins gently attach to the hair shaft to produce balance to the hairs structure. The inner bonds of the hair are reformed to produce shinny, healthy looking hair that stays straight - permanently!

Q & A

Q: I have blonde highlights in my hair – can I still have it ionically straightened?

A: Yes you can – deep nourishing conditioning agents penetrate into the more porous areas of the hair to achieve an even result. Recommended home care treatments are essential to keep the hair at its optimum level.

Q: I have short hair that has been coloured – can I still have ionic straightening?

A: Yes you can – short coloured hair can achieve the same straight, glossy look. It is recommended to colour the hair at least 2 weeks after the ionic straightening if the hair is in need of a colour at the time.

Q: What about regrowth?

A: Depending on how fast your hair grows – on average hair grows at a rate of 1.25cm per month. The usual recommendation is 6-8 months. The previously ionically straightened hair through the
mid-lengths and ends is protected while the regrowth is ionically straightened.

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Artistic – Creative – Fun!!!

A truly unique gift that any friend or loved one would enjoy.

Dr Dread offers full makeovers including:

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Spray Tanning

The latest development in spray tanning – 2 hour developer!

Dr Dread offers an even sun kissed tan that lasts up to 10 days.


After tanning

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